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Entertainment News. Today's Hot Pics!

Up to no good! Recently, author C.A. MacConnell was spotted out and about in the Midwest, wearing a hand me down jacket from her sister and a recently purchased $9.99 hat from Thornton's gas station. Looks like she's in the driver's seat! Wonder who's in the passenger seat? A new love interest? Actually, we looked, and it's not a lover, but an on-sale after-Valentine's Day stuffed wolf.


 Styling driver! Hard to keep up with the star! We caught her on the front view here. Looks like she may have been up to something sneaky, like drugs or infidelity. Actually, we asked her, and she came from home where she was cleaning. We're told she was unprepared for her daily walk, hence the reason for the pink hat, which was the only color left on the rack.


Later, we caught up with C.A. on her actual walk, and here is a side view of the fashionista, wearing her My Little Pony back pack. We believe that her hair may be styled in a messy bun under the hat. This is a new look for celebrities -- the bun bulge under the hat. This new look is really taking off with all of the A-listers. But now that we look at it a little closer, it may just be that C.A. has a deformed head, which is a trend that's growing all over the nation.

C.A. MacConnell


The Meters - Hand Clapping Song [Official Audio]

Song from The Meters. I love this band. Legend. <3 Have a great day.

C.A. MacConnell


Wet Hooky, and Note to You.

I had to change my profile pic right now at 5am. Haha. This new one is more like me, my real personality. That last one I had on here was one of the worst fucking pictures I've ever seen of myself, hahahaha, dayum. It was depressing me. Ha ha, I think things are funny when no one else does, oh well, like I laughed all the way through The Great Wall last night. I did like the hot air balloons, though. If you saw it, you know what I mean. I was going to see Lion, but it was sold out, bummer. My favorite movies as of late are:  Manchester by the Sea and Moonlight. I loved them equally. Loved them! I get so excited by great film. It isn't normal how excited I get.

Anyway, I've been working like a dog, getting my second novel done, which is rad. I got rid of my glasses; they were annoying. Now I wear $10 readers when I write. Go figure.

Hey, here's a poem. A repost, but with some reworking, I think it'd make a great song. I like the "Blood in the Cut" song. I think this poem would do well with that kinda beat. My favorite tune as of late:  "Cissy Strut" by The Meters. I love's genius.

Wet Hooky

Go ahead. Come
Go ahead. Change your mind
and spit.
I have no say
in the way the sky
Soak me heavy.
Send bullet-hail. Weigh
my brown hair down.
Darken all the light things –
everything alive, below,
Whatever the season,
I'll still open
my mouth, letting my lower lip
hang loose, like an old horse.
I'll still let you touch
my tongue.
I'll still wait for you
to slide over me, over everything,
turning the world
clean or nasty.
I see your wet, wide work.
I see you water
this and that ground.
Some drops dance
for a penny-living.
Some drops
wear tap shoes -
sporadic, uncertain, polluted,
pausing for thunder,
no more than damp,
distant fingertips
pressing down dirty rooftops,
making gutter music.
Some hammer it home,
making surface skin sweat,
and the people hours become
all about the weather.
Go ahead. Come down
softly. Go ahead, change
your mind.
You are employed by the sky
I've found, and up there,
that’s where I’ll look for you --
in each, full moment
when the clouds spread.
You pour,
I sip.
We play hooky
in the lightning.

C.A. MacConnell



COMING SOON! C.A.'s novel #2! No, this is not what the actual cover will look like. Not sure what that will turn out like yet. Mulling over some things. Fine tuning, formatting, all that. Getting CLOSER! I'm getting SO excited. I'm extremely proud of this work. Stay tuned.

Love to you,

C.A. MacConnell


Photo: Heart of It.

Heart of It

Happy Valentine's Day. Love, in all forms, means a lot to me every day. Truth:  what I wouldn't give for a soul mate. :) I still believe. Many people don't, but I do. I never stopped believing.
C.A. MacConnell


The Longest Shot

She sees what she wants to see
in the game of Pig (or Horse
for some) -- not the warmup,
but the real thing. She can make
the three-pointer, or the ridiculous,
off-court porch shot and every time,
the others hear her delicate Swish,
but her greatest weakness rests
in anything close, when strangely,
she always misses. One by one,
the neighbor boys shout, keeping
track, and the letters come to her,
and then she sees one small, red
face, and the truth is there, smack
in his squint, in his eyes, and the laugh,
and the loss, and the truth isn’t near
to what she ever, for one moment,
thought would happen and at first,
she kicks her own ankle bone, leaving
a scrape, because she believed in more
than what the driveway delivered,
but then the watchers begin to scatter,
until all that's left are two -- her,
and the tallest player from down
the block, the one who raises
his arms and says, You can make
the longest shot. Want to see my

C.A. MacConnell

P.S. Hope you like the poem. Got my work done for now. Going to the ballet today! Haven't done that in about twenty years. What a treat. So stoked. I hope I don't have to dress up. Uh oh.


Flashback Friday

Here's a picture of me in a recording studio in 1998. That wasn't my guitar actually. I was messing around on one that was sitting there. I had an Ibanez acoustic at the time, which I'd like to have now. So I was in a band, and we won a contest, and we won some recording time, which was fun. I sang, and I played guitar too.

Actually, I used to play out solo a lot -- in Seattle, in Virginia, and all over the Midwest. I like playing piano these days...I sneak into churches and such and make up songs. I like the sound there, and I like the feel of sanctuaries. I don't have a guitar right now, but I'd like to get one again. Yeah, just for fun. I like writing songs. I actually still have some of my CDs around here somewhere.

Later in life, I was a music writer, and that was fun too! Got to do a lot of interviews and meet some fantastic people. I had a few favorites too, I admit. My work was mostly for CityBeat Magazine. If you go to the site and search "C.A. MacConnell," all of my articles pop up. Rad. Hey, I won some writing awards for this stuff -- two years in a row, I won the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists Award for Rock and Roll Feature Writing. Rad.

One time, I was doing an interview, and I asked the guys who their opening band was, and they responded, "You are." I laughed, thinking they were kidding, but they were serious, so I ended up doing it. It was funny.

Just saying hello and sharing a snapshot of my life. I had fun with the guys in my band. I miss them all the time.

Whoever's reading, I hope your day is full of love and light!!!!
Back to work.😃💕💃💃

C.A. MacConnell


Me in Color!

My profile pic, in color, with the exciting backdrop of the AC unit. Hilarious. I like this shirt because it reminds me of Charlie Brown. How's it going? I just got through another draft of my second book, THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR, which is currently 417pp. long, so getting through one draft is quite the warrior feat. I'm excited, though. It's looking and feeling slick. Almost there! I mean it! And then I'll be able to start messing with design and such.

I need a vacation. Somewhere hot as hell.

Ha, I'm good really. I'd like to say I'm doing exciting artsy things or traveling to Ireland or touring soon or whatnot, but in reality, I'm sitting here drinking caffeine, typing along, cleaning like always, and doing laundry.

Something I heard yesterday:  "Daydreams and fantasies are hints of what may be missing in your life." I don't know if that's completely accurate, but maybe it is. Or maybe the actual fantasy isn't the goal...but maybe the fantasy shows the emotion of what's travel, a best friend, a partner, playtime, or whatever. Just musing. Problem is, when I have a dream about someone, I take it literally, like this:  I want you. Then I hope for it for two years. God knows I like to daydream. I daydream more than I think about real shit. I'm totally fucked.

Yesterday, I threw three slices of roast beef in the yard for Argo the dog. Only here was the problem:  Argo wasn't there. I thought he was, but he didn't come out. Imagine the owners finding random roast beef in their yard. Today, I think I'll throw them a rack of lamb and a large pizza. Ha ha ha. Then I spent an hour worrying that Argo might find the beef too late, and he'd eat it, and it'd make him sick. So I had to call my uncle to make sure it was all right. He was cracking up, and he told me the dog wouldn't eat it if it was bad beef. But he did suggest that I climb the fence and retrieve the beef just for the show. I refused, because I didn't want to get arrested for roast beef. I'm a vegetarian, nearly vegan, and I wouldn't want my reputation tarnished.

Hilarious. These are the kind of things that consume my day -- a dog I don't own, throwing stray roast beef over a fence, and a 417 page book that I'm going to attempt to promote with no social media.

My fantasies are telling me this:  I could really use This is Us in my life, minus the triplets and the annoyingly perfect dude (I want a real, wild specimen with sparks!) Also, an added computer nerd in the mix.

The fucking driers aren't working. Love,
C.A. MacConnell


Poem: Volcano, Haiku Version

Volcano, Haiku Version

On Streaming Lava
The Only Constant On This
Volcano Is Change

-- C.A. MacConnell

*Inspired by a quote from today's New York Times article entitled, "Streaming Lava, Collapsing Cliffs and a Hawaii Volcano’s Spectacular Show."


Photos: Dark Horse

I can't remember who wrote this, but I first saw it in Robert Vavra's book of photography, and it's one of my favorites....maybe someone can enlighten came to mind this morning.

Fear is not the contagion of sorrow
As evening falls
And sunset stains with blood
The muddy seashore,
The lands and sky,
Until these isles are swallowed up in shade...
Fear is the dread that he might go
And leave me here alone.

Now back to working on my book, THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR. One page at a time. Revise, revise, revise. I wish you all the love in the universe.

Also, lunch.
C.A. MacConnell


Sign Patrol: Ice

Man, I'm so glad they told me. I'm going to totally stick to playing on the safe ice from now on.

C.A. MacConnell


Note to You, Reader

Just hanging out. :) XO.

Thank you to recent readers of my first novel, GRIFFIN FARM, which you can purchase here. I've gotten some awesome feedback lately. Overall, the most common comment is this:  "I can't put it down."

Hells yeah.

Sorry about the recent lack of blogging. I've been obsessively working on my second novel, THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR, as well as some other writings, so it's keeping me busy. Great to have focus!

I hope you are happy! I hope you feel loved. I saw three hawks today, wow. There's this row of trees next to a walking path that I frequent, and the hawks seem to like to hang out there around late afternoon. I believe the nests are close by. Or maybe it's my spirit calling out to my totem animal, who's coming to me and saying this:  No worries. We've got your back. We love you. That's how I see it.

Today, I looked at the forest, and I said this out loud:  "It's magic."
C.A. MacConnell


I'm With Her

I'm With Her

Saw this female hawk today...she was on that thicker close branch, facing me, when I first saw her. So close! Then she flew back, and I took the shot. Love to you this chilly evening.

C.A. MacConnell


What's In There

Fresh off the presses. Just wrote this, literally right now. <3 Hope you like it. Love, C.A.

What's In There

As long as humans have existed, they've tried to describe what's inside
the heart. Back in the day, with his fingers, one lonely man made a perfect,

nude, stone masterpiece, a sculpture that screamed out to each onlooker's
chest. A single woman penned a lofty book, one about a shy, misunderstood

monster, a reclusive soul who was half machine. How could we ever
forget. Others wrote genius songs, elusive poems, naked stories, and yes,

bibles and speeches. Soliloquies. Still today, each moment, the world
falls in love with Marilyn Monroe. How we all yearn to somehow explain

what's in there. Someone wakes us, and we feel the ache, the relentless pull
in the center of the blood. And here I am, going at it again, using this art

to show what lies beneath the deep, but like the rest, I'll never quite reach.
I'm sure you already know.

C.A. MacConnell


Photo: Playground


This one cracks me up. Hope you have a good day. I'm gonna have breaky break, then go back to bed. Why not.
C.A. MacConnell


This Woman's Vision

In grade school, I knew a part-albino girl who was legally blind. When she tried to read, she leaned over the desk and pressed her face right against the paper, straining to see each and every letter. Most of the time, she was virtually silent because undoubtedly, much of her energy was spent struggling to see. On the playground, she sat on a log, slowly peeled an orange, and stared off into the distance. Every single day, she sat there alone. Here and there, someone would reach out to her, but she only responded in whispers. She wasn't that shy; she just couldn't see who was speaking to her. In class, even if I approached her and stood nearly touching her, she couldn't tell who I was until she heard my voice. Back then, whenever I looked at her, I often wondered what it would be like to grow up knowing the world through voices and shapes.

Years later, I had to take my cat to the vet, and my regular vet was booked, so I drove across town to see another one. When we arrived, they shuffled us into Room 2, and we waited for the assistant to come in. Minutes later, a beautiful, pale-skinned woman with snowy, waist-length, thick, blond hair entered the room. Her eyes were round and perfect, a see-through blue, and she stood tall, holding a clip board. On her left hand -- a huge wedding ring, a shiny diamond made for a classy lady. And she did indeed appear classy and smart. When she smiled, her entire face glowed. And so did her hands. She was absolutely stunning.

And then I smiled, realizing that it was the same girl who was nearly blind in grade school. I was floored. There she was, looking right at me, not missing a beat, working at saving animals' lives. As we talked about the cat, I assumed that somewhere along the line, she'd had eye surgery, and her vision had been restored. She seemed thriving, happy, outgoing, and ever so free, but since she had never been able to truly see me in grade school, she didn't recognize me at all.

But then there was this moment -- she blinked hard, shutting her eyes, listening to me speak, and I could tell that all at once, she knew my voice. Lighting up, she smiled brightly, opened her eyes, and took some notes, wishing me on my way.

As I drove home, the vision of her stayed with me, building a presence somewhere in my heart and mind. Here was that shy, lonely girl I once knew. Now, she was suddenly transformed into a sharp, confident, glowing woman. I felt my chest fill up at the thought of the change. I thanked the universe for my sight, for her sight, and for the passage of time, which can sometimes show how miracles develop, grow, and radiate outward.

Back in the day, such a quiet girl, one who would seem to slip through the cracks. But in the end, sometimes it's the quietest ones who shine the most. Sometimes, behind the scenes, without barely even a whisper, without the faintest desire to be seen, without any need for recognition, one humble person can save lives.

C.A. MacConnell