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You are invited! Celebrate art and give back!!
Book signing and benefit—

Support the release of C.A. MacConnell's second book,

For each book sold, 10% goes to The Prospect House, a local, long-term, residential drug/alcohol treatment center.

Okay, when?
Sunday, July 9, 5-7pm. Doors open at 5.
Talk/reading at 5:15 sharp! Don't miss out!
Signing/reception to follow.

Where should you show up?    
The Main Cup, 126 Main St, Milford, OH 45150
(513) 248-2089 (In the heart of Old Milford)

What should you wear?
Whatever! Nineties attire encouraged.

Yes, you can buy books at the event, but … if you can't wait, you can also purchase one on Amazon books right now; the donation still applies!

Why are we doing this?
To gather, celebrate art, and give! Now's the time—when you buy a book, you're helping others and supporting a great work of art that'll send you to another world.

What's the book about?
Both terrifying and humorous, with vivid, gripping characters, THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR is a nineties-era, fast-paced mystery set in Seattle. MacConnell has a M.A. in English/Creative Writing from Hollins University, and she's a nationally published writer.

Will you help today? Will you buy a book on Amazon or purchase one at the signing and share the adventure and hope today?

RSVP:  camacconnell at gmail dot com

P.S. At event, signed books are $20 cash/check only … or … it's available today online on Amazon books. Will you buy a book, give back, and create hope for others now?


Some pics from my life.

 Bo and Zack, best friends!
Me, yesterday

That's all from me today. Hope you're smiling! (And buying THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR!) HA. DETAILS ON BOOK SIGNING COMING a venue. Just zeroing in on a date.

Much love,
C.A. MacConnell


Do You Have Your Copy of THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR Yet?

Skater, Roanoke, VA

Did you pick up your copy of THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR yet?

It'll take you to another world. And the characters are so vibrant; they'll become a part of you. They won't let you go without feeling the whole story deeply...

Don't miss out. Get your copy now while it's in stock! Now's your chance.

Book signing/benefit coming soon! An opportunity to support art, listen to art, and give to a great cause. Stay tuned for details.

I can't wait.

If you're reading already, thank you for your support! And if you finished the book already, please leave a review on Amazon. Every comment matters.

If you're not reading this book yet, please purchase your copy today!!

C.A. MacConnell


First Date

Some flash poetry for you... Love, me.

First Date

No movie. Let's
That red-winged
Was fierce.
There's another.
The pipes on him!
Or her.
Did you hear?
Yes, Singles.
Bet those
College kids
Have never seen
The lawnmower boy
In the film,
Can't Buy
Me Love.

I'm sorry
I hate
The Beatles.
Who cares.

C.A. MacConnell


Photo: Skater, Devou Park

Skater, Devou Park

Currently, I'm planning a book signing for THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR. Details coming soon. I'm looking forward to it, and I'll have some special surprises this time. An opportunity to share creativity and give back as well. Stay tuned.

This book is set in Seattle in the nineties, and it's an epic literary mystery. Skateboarders, misfits, dangerous ones, hilarious lost boys and girls, you name it. I was, and still am, a lover of the whole grunge the point that I followed Pearl Jam across the country, and I saw so many shows. It was wild. I was a mosh pit lover. I was a crowd surfer. Bruises came with the territory. Bloody noses, you know. In a way, this book pays homage to that whole scene...a part of it, anyway. I lived in Seattle in the nineties, and I was there in the middle of the mess. I took notes. I became these notes.

I still love the music, for sure.

My heart hurt when I heard the recent news of Chris Cornell's passing. Much love to his family and friends. And my heart hurts whenever I hear of such things, and it happens a lot. Just this month, we lost one friend who took his own life. I'd say that at least once a month, someone I know loses the battle of addiction and/or severe depression and other mental illnesses. Much love to anyone out there suffering from addiction and illness, as we all have our struggles, no matter the source. <3

Peace out,
C.A. MacConnell



Hows it goin? I thought this was a pretty cool shot, eh? Plant at the Conservatory...not sure what kind. I'm sitting here with a mask on my face, trying to chill. I've been frustrated, under the weather, getting ahead of myself, that kind of thing. Oh well. Tomorrow will be different.

I went for a walk with a friend and a dog named Teddy, who was a lover. Felt good to connect w/ a pooch and a friend. Last night, I had a dream about my old cat, Kylin, who passed. In it, we were snuggling on the couch like we used to. I haven't gotten a new cat. Just not feelin' it. Everyone keeps sending me pictures of kittens, but I want to move and get a dog eventually.

What else. Oh yeah...The House of Anchor is on Amazon books! For sale, right now!!!!!! I'd be thrilled if you would purchase a copy. And if you left a review on Amazon, that'd be rad.

Hope you're well. Hope you find some love today. You deserve it. We all do. <3 I admit my heart hurts for something or someone, just not sure who or what it is. In person, I cause trouble and crack up during any and every "adult quiet time."

C.A. MacConnell

Photo: Lost Glove 23

Lost Glove 23

"You should never underestimate a woman with good hair and a lifetime of target practice."
-- The House of Anchor

C.A. MacConnell



Hello everyone. I'm happy to say that THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR, my second novel, is available for purchase right now. Just follow this link.

Book description:  THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR is a fast-paced, intense, literary mystery set in Seattle in the nineties. Sometimes dangerous and often humorous, this novel is a deep, epic adventure packed with vivid dialogue. The slick use of voice is fresh, addictive, and engaging; it'll stick with you. This is C.A. MacConnell's second novel.

Wow. It's been a long time coming! I hope you like the book! I think it'll take you to another world, for sure. Man, did I work hard on this monster; I feel like the final product is all that it should be.

I feel tingly.

I'd be grateful if you left feedback on Amazon. And please spread the word! Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Yes, I created, wrote, edited, designed, and published this book all by myself. I even did the cover photo, ha. A one-woman publishing house, right here.

Details for a book signing coming soon.

Support creation and artists today!

Hope your day is full of love and light.

<3, C.A. MacConnell




Hi. Here's what it looks like. I'm thrilled! My novel #2 is done. It'll be ready for purchase in just a few days...everything's all done, all ready, all slick. Just processing on the publishing end. Right now, I have the only copy. :)

I'll post a link as soon as it's ready. SPREAD THE WORD!

C.A. MacConnell


Personal, Big

Dream Poem

Personal, Big

I was surrounded
by wolves. They gnashed their teeth.
Wickedly, they
They made sounds upon sounds
like highway, pile-up
How they wanted to make me
into a meal.
But I stretched up tall,
to the tip of each toe,
and raised my arms
as high as small woman arms can rise,
and then my fingers seemed
to grow
and somehow, I even
stretched my knuckles,
turning into the personal,
big, magic man,
and then I barked back.
The sound was far
from perfect,
but little by little,
with fire,
each one in the pack
tore away, hind end tucked
tail between the
legs, seemingly shocked,
I was flat to the ground,
covered in doves.

C.A. MacConnell


Excited, Nervous

This is me. A few years ago, actually. Photo by Stephen Metz.

Right now, if I took a selfie (I've been avoiding those lately due to the horror show of my recent attire and such), you'd see my boy shorts and strange, red and black T-shirt from god knows where, as well as a lovely hairdo that makes me look bald. Nothing wrong with being bald, yo, it's just that with my big head, it looks pretty hilarious. Hot. SO HOT. No wonder I haven't had a date in three and a half years.

I'm super excited and over-the-top nervous. I'm getting so close to releasing this book, my second, THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR. With my hawk eye, I noticed something, a snag so to speak, so I had to do another proofing. Arggh, going through over 400 pages over and over and over and over takes some time. But it'll be soon.

I walk around with a mixture of feelings -- anxiety, urgency, excitement, relief, and then some.

When you work on something for so long and put your heart and soul into it, the idea of releasing it to the public has a great effect on the old noggin. But I'm smiling as I write this, because the process is phenomenal. I feel so present, so real, so scared, so wacky. I don't mind feeling all of the feelings, but I sure wish I could describe it better. If you're an artist, then you probably know. If you're a human being, then you probably know. Who hasn't been through something big? Even a newborn. Coming out into the world for the first time is a pretty big deal, just sayin'.

Anyway, just a note to say this:  literally, coming soon. And to say this:  I hope your day is peaceful and doesn't involve coconut. Sorry, coconut lovers, I can't stand it. No offense to coconut, an innocent bystander in the world, but it's just not my thing. See, two days ago, when I chose a monster cookie pint of ice cream for dinner, I was so excited, but when I dug my spoon in later, I discovered the definite essence of coconut. But when I looked on the ingredients, it wasn't there. But I swear I tasted it. What a disappointment. Fuck you, monster cookie.

I do love black licorice, though. Very weird, indeed.

Much love, always,
C.A. MacConnell

P.S. I have to attend an event Saturday night and dress up. I have a dress now, but I haven't tried it on yet. I'm afraid, see. Because it's the only one I have besides two inappropriate racy summer numbers. So it has to work. Ha. I'll try it on fifteen minutes before I have to go to this thing. Welcome to my world. And shoes are a whole other problem. No one will notice my Chucks or combat boots, right? Someday, maybe someone can buy me shit and tell me what to put on. Ha. That'd be rad. I always like that workout/hot look that people do. My goal:  comfy and cool. Ha hahahaha. You know, like a suit with platform shoes and a skull cap.


Update: THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR, nearing release

I'm happy to say that I've uploaded the final version of my sophomore work, THE HOUSE OF ANCHOR. It'll be ready for purchase very soon. Also, I'll be posting info about an upcoming book signing! Be there! When you read this blog, or my books, you make my dreams become a reality.

Fuck yeah!

Man, this novel has been a long time coming. So much work.

Hey, if you're interested in helping me promote (Facebook, Twitter, on the streets passing out invites for the upcoming signing, etc) let me know. Shoot me an email here:  camacconnell at gmail dot com

I can use all the help I can get. I'm not on social media for various reasons, so any help promoting on the internet would be awesome. Any way you can support the work -- by posting an event flier, posting a link to the purchase site, or forwarding a link to my blog -- would be magnificent.

In the name of art, yo.

I created, wrote, edited, and designed this monster book all by my lonesome. Feels great. Now I will be promoting on my own as well, so any help is appreciated. Plus, it'd be fun to work with you! If you are an art lover, then you're my kinda friend! Share away. Support is grand.

Just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone looking to be a voice for me...and for indie art.

Whoever's reading, I hope you're well. I'm rather pensive today...dreaming about true love and such things. I told the trees that I still believe. And right in that moment, the wind picked up, and the branches waved back as if to say, We do too.

C.A. MacConnell